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The Lemon Creek Ranch Vision

Lemon Creek Ranch transforms the final large contiguous piece of undeveloped frontage between San Antonio and Boerne, Texas into a vibrant family-friendly hub of activity centered around the natural beauty of the local landscape. With two bodies of living water, dedicated green space, a trail system, and a curated mix of retail, dining, entertainment, and office, Lemon Creek Ranch cultivates fellowship and connectivity in a beautiful and relaxed live, work, and play atmosphere. 

Lemon Creek Ranch is characterized by warm tones of wood, limestone, and dark metals with extensive use of glass to allow a sense of outdoors to permeate through interior spaces. The thoughtful orientation of buildings around the creeks and existing landscape allows Lemon Creek Ranch to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the property.

The Calvert Ranch Legacy

84 years is a long time to live in the same house. James Calvert did just that. When young Calvert and his parents arrived in a flatbed wagon in 1878, the ashes of Indian campfires still dotted the frontier - the mighty oaks of the land bear the scars where the fires were nurtured against the cold North winds to this day.

The Calverts settled amongst the huge spreading live oaks and took to a simple life of farming, building stone walls, and playing music. Thanks to lessons from his English father, Calvert learned the piccolo at the age of 9 and never put it down. From community dances to the Army Band at Fort Clark and even his own brass band in 1906, music was never far from James Calvert.


Even in old age, when the hill country community gathered for picnics on the land, Calvert was known to eventually sit down near the BBQ and pipe out lyrics from the old days. 


James Calvert paved the way, all his life, with sweet music.

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